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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Return policy

all purchases are final. installation warranty is 30 days from date of installation ,does not include product damage. products may be covered under manufacture warranty up to 1 year .

How long does dip last?

Plasti dip is a removable coating strictly designed to change the color of the surface and protect the surface its applied to and still be peeled off. In some cases it can last up to 4 years in normal use. Some cases will last up to 6 months. It depends on how you care for your dip.

Does dip/spray wrap  have a warranty?

NO, The manufacturer does not offer a product warranty. We cannot warranty a product that is designed to be removed. We do offer an installation only  warranty that covers an installation issue. ask for more details.

What to expect from a vinyl wrap,


It takes much less time to wrap your vehicle than it does to have it painted.  But what is the actual timeline like?  Well, it usually takes around 7-10 days to get your car from bare to wrapped.  About two days goes into printing your wrap, and it only takes one day to have it installed.


 minor chips not a major issue. , they might show a imperfection in the wrap, but otherwise should not be a problem seeing the flaw, unless they’ve started to rust. Either way, the problem can usually be solved by using a touch-up paint pen. light wet sanding to smooth out and buff. ( additional time and charge )

Ruel of thumb , if you can feel it  you can see it.

surface must be clean as as debris free as possible. we do clean the vehicle before wrapping but we ask that you bring it to us as clean as possible to avoid major cleaning fees and speed up the process.

cars must sit for 24 hours water free before any coating can be applied.